Whether you run a business, charity or not-for-profit organisation, if you have a website you’ve probably heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Some people call it an art, others a science, but one thing everyone in the online marketing industry agrees on is that whatever its aim, if a website is to succeed it’s going to need good SEO.

So what is SEO? In short, search engine optimisation aims to make your website visible in the major search engines for relevant and popular search terms, ensuring you receive a high volume of visitors, generating interest and, where appropriate, sales.

Ongoing SEO will use some or all of the following techniques to ensure your website pops up for relevant search terms:

      • On-page search engine optimisation: Making sure your website is as attractive to the search engines as it is to your visitors – the more their search bots like the cut of your website’s jib, the more likely it is to appear high in the listings.


      • Link building: Sourcing good quality, relevant links to your website increases its authority in the eyes of the major search engines.


      • SEO copywriting: Well crafted interesting, user-friendly content that targets popular search terms, helping search engines, visitors and potential customers understand what your site is all about.


      • SEO training: Keeping you in the loop on all things SEO, and happily providing training in everything from the absolute basics to the dark recesses of Google Analytics.


      • Reporting: Providing monthly reports, ensuring you’re kept up to date on the work being done and the results it’s producing for your website.


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