I’m a collection of other people’s kindness and with out their love and support I never would of made it this far, V3 Creatives is now in its third year of business and is unveiling a new site with many new services. To this point it has been a long journey, although I feel the company is still very much in its infancy, I’m appreciative and grateful to of been able to make it this far and there are many people I would like to thank and take a moment to give recognition to. I would like to thank my mother’s and father’s, I have truly great parents. A mother who has been my guiding light and conscience and helped me endlessly to grow in a positive direction. As I have grown in this community I’ve had many mother figures, beautiful, spiritual, intelligent women who have cared, advised and nurtured my spirit and soul and I thank you all. I thank my Holy Father, my Dad and Father Top Top, who have been great role models and I know how lucky I am to be able to say that about my dads. They have shown me how to work hard with discipline and focus to achieve your dreams and provide for your family. Great men, one gone far to soon. I’m thankful that I have been blessed with an amazing family and beautiful children who are my inspiration every day to want to do better and become more than I am. I’m thankful for my partner who can only be described as a true Godsend, my grandparents, brother, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousin, aunts, uncles, pastors, coaches, friends and colleagues. I’m thankful to the many of you who I have talked with, debated with, laughed with, played with and done business with. I’m thankful that I have been surrounded by very inspirational people, who have helped revolutionise my own consciousness and raised my awareness of many issues. I’m thankful for the the so called ‘positive’ events of my life and maybe even more so for the ‘negative’ as these have given me the opportunity to learn and continue to teach me some of my greatest lessons in life and business. I believe you can learn from every situation and try to evolve and do better in the next. I was really tempted to list everybody by name, but I’m afraid the list would go on forever and I wouldn’t want to miss anyone out. But if your reading this just know that in some way big or small you have been a important part of my journey and I’m sincerely thankful for your presence along it.

By Devon Adams