If you are looking to give your marketing plan an incredible boost, Online Marketing is the answer!
Online Marketing uses the Internet to enhance an already complete and concise marketing plan. It allows you to use virtual channels to extend your reach past the normal client base obtained through traditional forms of marketing. In addition, it is a fraction of the cost. Online Marketing provides you the tools to measure and quantify your results; enabling your business to make data driven decisions and maximise results.

First, you need to decide on the goals of your Internet Marketing campaign. Most companies only talk about increasing your web traffic. However, that action alone will not reap the results you desire for your business.

When consumers want to find a local plumber, house painting service, accountant, lawyer, roofing company, landscaping business, a photographer, or just about anything else, they turn to the internet far more than the yellow pages or other offline directories! They pull out their smartphones, ipads, tablets, laptops, or any other gadgets they happen to have with them at all times and they do a quick search.

The best way to get your business higher up in the results is to do search engine optimization. Google has made it their business to rank web pages – It’s our business to make sure your site ranks highly for the searches related to your industry. That way you get the leads, rather than your local competitors. But believe it or not, online marketing isn’t just about getting to number one in Google. After all, what’s the point in being top of the search engines if your website is lacking in content, poor on usability and looks terrible?

Your business may even already be online via your website. But are you really using that online presence to its fullest potential? Just having a website without marketing it is like putting your shop out in the middle of the desert and just hoping people will find it. That’s not going to happen! Worst yet they could find it and because the shop’s layout is so confusing, even if someone did want to buy something they’d give up and go home before they found it.


Need Help with your online presence?

V3 Creatives offer a full online marketing service and specialises in implementing comprehensive online marketing strategies, helping UK businesses, charities and organisations build their brand online.

Not only can we supply you with a piece of premium online real-estate, we can provide ongoing SEO, Social media marketing services and email Marketing Campaigns that will ensure you turn visitors into enquiries, clients, profits, followers, friends, customers, fans…

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