I am the birth of life, I am a manifestation in time. I am of the earth, water, fire & spirt.
I am the blood of my ancestors, my mother, my father. I know my responsibility to my mother & father, to my sisters & brothers, to my family & people.
I know my responsibility to respect, honour & protect my partner, I know my responsibility to care & provide for my children.
I know my duty to my people & to humanity, I know my loyalty to God, the Greatest, the Highest, the Pure, the Light, the Truth, the Love.
I Know who I am.

I know who I am.
I know the great powers of time, I know the political economic system that dominates the world,
I am aware of the amazing advancements in technology in science.
I am aware of globalisation, the fabulous wealth, the disgraceful poverty.
I know the needs for nourishment, clothes, shelter, communication, transport & work.
I know my desire for love, accomplishment & sense of belonging, for justice equality & opportunity.
I am aware of my wants for fancy things, the best of everything, entertainment & happiness.
I know who I am.

I Know within my being the humble beginnings of my people, I remember the rise to majestic heights, the glory of our achievements the architecture, the science, the arts, the wisdom.
I know the struggle of my people, the history, the fall & now the rise.
I am here & now grounded in the reality of living,
I know who I am, I know my identity, I am a child of the universe, I am a descendant of the first builders, the first cultivators.

I am inspired by the work courage & boldness of many great freedom fighters of my people, especially those in the anti-slavery, anti-colonial, human-civil rights struggles.
I admire the dignity, beauty & grace of our women & men, I am touched by the innocence of our babies, I appreciate the wisdom of our elders.


By Devon Ayton