Support Time


Need Ad-hoc support? Our support time is perfect for small tasks and tweaks to your website and your support time across all the online services we provide – from artwork to site development.

SAVE 25% – When you purchase support time in 3 hour blocks



How Support Time Works

Perfect for small tasks and tweaks

  • You pre-buy a number of hours of our time (the more you buy, the cheaper it gets).
  • Each time you put in a support request (via phone, email or a ticket), we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take.
  • Once done, we simply take the time off of your total.

Support time is charged in 15-minute blocks, so you won’t be charged for a full hours work for a small tweak to your site. Everything is recorded and we can provide fully-itemised reports on what you’ve used and what you have left.

If you run out of time, you can simply top-up or switch to a retained plan if we think that would be better value for you. Remember you you can use your support time across all the online services we provide. These include:

Online Marketing

Site Development


Motion Graphics

Newsletter Creation


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