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Need help with your WordPress issues?.
We can fix most WordPress related issues within these charges –

Our WordPress experts assist with bug fixes, migrations, malware removal, website updates & much more.

choose below how quickly you’d like things fixed.



How a quick fix works

Ideal for small issues on your site

A Quick Fix is a single task that we think can completed in approximately two hours or less. We have found that this estimation means we can cover the vast majority of requested tasks, including migrations, updates, bug fixes, malware cleanups and more. Common examples of WordPress tasks we can do for you include:

Theme & plugin support

Error & bug fixing

WordPress migrations

Malware cleanup

Security protection

Speed Optimisation

We see ourselves as your in-house support team and are here to help you with any problems you want to solve, new feature you want to add, or specific tasks you want to complete.

We will do our best to provide a solution with the access you give us. Our solution may involve a direct fix, a workaround, advice, or a combination. We will explain our actions and why.

We will ensure that backups are taken before any work commences, or that you understand the risks if they are not taken.

A quick fix is a best effort service. Ultimately, there are problems that may be unfixable. We will do our best to suggest workarounds and give advice, but even we cannot solve unsolvable problems. We promise to try our best.

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