These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the agreement between V3 Creatives and the client applying for the provision of design services by V3.


The Client: The company or individual requesting the services of V3 Creatives.
V3 Creatives: All staff members working for V3 Creatives
Order: The request of services from V3 Creatives.


V3 Creatives will carry out work only where an agreement is provided either by email, telephone or mail. An order is deemed to be a written or verbal contract between V3 Creatives and the Client; this includes telephone and email agreements.


All quotations for any work are inclusive of VAT where applicable. Quotations are valid for a period of thirty days only and are subject to right of copy, artwork or disk supplied are subject to change according to material fluctuations.

Payment of Accounts

A 50% deposit is required for a project before any design work is carried out. Once a deposit is paid and work completed the client is obliged to pay the remaining balance in full on the date of the delivery unless agreed by prior arrangements. V3 Creatives will contact clients via email and telephone to remind them of such payments if not received when due. Failing that V3 Creatives will proceed with legal action.

Cancelation of Work

Termination of work by the client should be made by email or writing to: V3 Creatives, Studio 18, Cherry Close, Northampton, NN3 2TQ. In the event of cancellation of work the client agrees that the deposit payment is non-redeemable, unless otherwise agreed with V3 Creatives, and that all work will remain the intellectual property of V3 Creatives.

Title of Goods

All goods and services supplied by V3 Creatives shall remain the property of V3 Creatives until all outstanding invoices are paid in full. V3 Creatives reserves the right to use visual representations of the final product and services as part of our project portfolio. V3 Creatives reserves the right to remove any and good or services supplied by V3 Creatives after seven days notice if outstanding invoices remain unpaid.


All Quotations are inclusive of one delivery, any and all additional deliveries will be subject to additional costs.

Additional Charges

Should V3 Creatives incur any additional costs, such as overtime, an additional charge shall be made.

Authors Corrections

V3 Creatives reserve the right to incur additional charges to the client of any and all authors corrections after initial proofing, whether they be of style, content or material changes. V3 Creatives will take every care to ensure that all artwork is adhered to by the brief. However V3 will not be liable for any cost charges incurred for any errors that are found after the artwork has been printed or signed off. It is up to the client to check all amends and corrections. confirmation of acceptance must be in writing by email or text message before any artwork is printed. Failure to do so could delay printing time.

Materials & Goods Supplied

Material, disks, copy, samples or any and all other goods, will be held in safe and secure conditions. However any and all goods held on behalf of the customer are at the customers risk and must be insured accordingly.

Third Party Liability

V3 Creatives will accept no claims or liability what so ever arising from third parties failing to carry out the instructions of V3 Creatives.

Libellous or Illegal Matter

V3 Creatives will under no circumstances produce any work which in its opinion has a libellous content or is in any way illegal, and will in no way whatsoever accept any claim for any items which have been produced and which are later to be found to have illegal or libellous content, or infringe copyrights, designs or patents of third parties.

Force Majeure

V3 Creatives will make every effort to ensure that all goods and services we supply are carried out according to the customers instructions, but can in no way be libel or accept any claims for variation as a result of strike action, War, Flood, Fire, Structural Damage, Act of God, or any other unforeseen incident beyond its reasonable control. The above is not exclusive and may be added to.

Complaints Procedure

In the likely event that a client experiences a problem with the services provided by V3 Creatives, the client should raise the matter directly with V3 Creatives, giving sufficient information to resolve the issue.